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Precision Management

Code of Conduct

Ethics Charter
  1. 1We develop an ethical corporate culture, through fair and transparent business conduct.
  2. 2We respect customers and put priority on customer satisfaction in management activities.
  3. 3We respect individuals’ dignity and take the initiative in protecting the rights and interests of the disadvantaged and promoting their equality.
  4. 4We comply with all international agreements and laws regarding human rights, environment, culture and economy.
  5. 5We do not abuse a dominant or privileged position to carry out misconduct against related personnels.
  6. 6We, as a member of the society, fulfill our social responsibility and contribute to the development of community.
  7. 7We become talented people who continue to practice the core values of the company.
Code of Ethics

Presenting the correct standards of behavior and value judgment for each major stakeholder company

Attendance to key stakeholders - Competitor / Partner Company, Customers, Investors, Country / Community, Employees
  1. 1Protect company assets and intellectual properties
  2. 2Prohibit monetary payment
  3. 3Prohibit illegal gains, including money and goods
  4. 4Prohibit entertainment
  5. 5Prohibit announcing family affairs
  6. 6Prohibit receiving event sponsorship
  7. 7Prohibit sexual harassment
  8. 8Prohibit conflict of interest with the company
  9. 9Prohibit political involvement
  10. 10Raise issues on Code of Conduct violation and its disciplinary action

Daewoo E&C Human Rights Policy

  1. Article 1(Purpose)

    The policy stipulates principles and procedures for the company to comply with international standards, including ILO statements and OECD human rights guidelines, and domestic laws and regulations regarding human rights, through which the company prevent risks of human rights violation and fulfill its social responsibility.

  2. Article 2(Scope)

    The policy applies to the company’s executives and employees, subsidiaries, and joint ventures. The company expects respect for basic human rights to its subcontractors and partners..

  3. Article 3(Standards)
    • - Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy
    • - OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises
    • - UN Global Compact, UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
    • - The Constitution of the Republic of Korea
    • - Laws related to labour (the Labor Standards Act, Employees Union Act, Act on the Term and Part
    • - Time Workers and Worker Dispatching Act)
  4. Article 4(Principles)
    1. ① Comply with international standards, The Constitution of the country, and Laws related to labour
    2. ② Prohibit unfair discrimination based on race, religion, delay, school, blood, sex, disability
    3. ③ Exclude illegal labor practices including forced labor and child labor
    4. ④ Prevent negative impacts on human rights due to company's business activities
    5. ⑤ Solve problems and improve the company’s systems through prompt response whe adverse effects occur
  5. Article 5(Prevention)

    The company inspect its workplaces, train executives and employees, and promote respects for human rights to prevent risks of violations.

  6. Article 6(Response)

    The company operates a reporting system for both inside and outside stakeholders, investigate when the case is reported, and establish measures to prevent recurrence of similar cases

  7. Article 7(Et cetera)

    Details which are not handled in the poliy are dealt under the company’s compliance system and the company shall always be in a sincere attitude to matters related to human rights.