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ENGINEERING INNOVATIONLegendary bridge project in the history
of construction

Geoga Bridge

Geoga Bridge image

Geoga Bridge holds the following 5 world records:
Longest in the world with a 3.7 km section, First to implement offshore construction, Longest in the world with 180 m segments, Constructed at greatest depth of any bridge built in water, First to use double joint construction

  • 8.2Large-scale civil project with a total length of 8.2 km under and at sea leve
  • 5Greatest achievement in South Korea’s construction history, holding 5 world records
  • 48This project was constructed on a soft subsoil, 48 m below the surface of the water, which makes it the deepest tunnel in the world

Daewoo E&C has constructed roads, bridges, and tunnels, and has been involved in various projects, carving our way forward with ceaseless effort and technical development to turn our dreams into reality.

5 World Records

This immersed tunnel is built on a soft subsoil, 48 m below the surface of the water, which makes it the deepest tunnel in the world, with the world’s longest 3.7 km section. It holds the following 5 world records: longest in the world with 180 m segments; first to implement offshore construction; constructed at the world’s deepest level on ultra-soft ground; and first to use double-joint construction.

immersed tunnel image
We implement special construction methods with safe designs to last over 100 years

The design considers variables such as impact conditions of a wreck, seismic load, and wave conditions in 1,000-year frequency. Furthermore, we have implemented SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) and ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) in case of accidents during use.

implement special construction methods with safe designs image
Attractive appearance that fits in with its surroundings

The design and appearance of a cable bridge links humans, nature, and technology, and symbolizes two hands folded against each other in prayer. It is the country’s first curved, diamond-shaped bridge, which beautifully fits in with its surroundings.

cable bridge image

Daewoo E&C has proven that we have the technology and data to participate in the construction of overseas immersed tunnels as evidenced by this project, one of our greatest achievements in Korea’s construction history.

Civil Works - Geoga Bridge image1
Civil Works - Geoga Bridge image2
Civil Works - Geoga Bridge image3
Civil Works - Geoga Bridge image4
Civil Works - Geoga Bridge image5


S-OIL RUC Project

S-OIL RUC Project image

Ulsan S-OIL RUC is the biggest plant in history and it stands at the center of our investment in the future.

  • 11The single biggest plant built with 110,000 tons of reinforcing steel
  • 35The construction took 35 months to complete
    Our passion and dependability are the reasons for our success
  • 3,0001.1 million ㎡ in total
    An amount of cement that could build 3,000 apartments

Daewoo E&C enhances the value of resources at home and abroad to activate the construction industry.
We lead the way in constructing clean, safe energy, and efficient, high-value industrial facilities.

The biggest plant on earth
We are making history

The plant reveals its splendor with a gross area of 1,100,000 ㎡. It required 110,000 tons of reinforcing steel, an amount that could build 11 Eiffel Towers, and it also used enough cement to build 3,000 apartments.

S-OIL RUC Project image
Implemented the nation’s first modular process on-site

RUC, the Residue Upgrading Complex, produces high- value products such as gasoline and propylene by reusing by-products from the refinement process of making gas, oil, and diesel.

S-OIL RUC Project image
A 35-month miracle

It is a 35-month construction miracle accomplished through enthusiasm and incredible technology. Due to the lack of time and shortage of supplies, we had to work closely with our team and partners in order to coordinate with each other. Building this petrochemical plant was a great leap forward in Daewoo E&C’s construction growth.

S-OIL RUC Project image

We are experiencing rapid growth in the high-value construction of plants based on our proven abilities in the industry. We are pioneering ways to create that no one has ever done before. We believe that anything is possible.

S-OIL RUC Project image1
S-OIL RUC Project image2
S-OIL RUC Project image3
S-OIL RUC Project image4
S-OIL RUC Project image5

CREATING VALUECreating variety in the Malaysian skyline

IB Tower in Malaysia

IB Tower in Malaysia image

The IB Tower is a skyscraper with a unique exterior, and is the best mixed development project in the world.

  • 3Third-tallest building in Malaysia
  • 274274-metre-high tower.
    (The basement of the building is four floors and the remaining 58 floors are aboveground.)
  • 48Makes better use of a space with exterior columns leaning at a 48 degree angle

Daewoo E&C provides the creative space that is central to industrial activities and people’s lives in areas such as business and commerce, education, and research.
We establish new benchmarks for skyscraper construction at home and abroad, and are leading the technical development of building works in the 4th industrial revolution.

World-class skyscraper
construction technology

We have shortened the construction period by inventing a skip-flooring method in which we can simultaneously build the upper and lower part of the building, combining the up-up and top-down construction.

IB Tower in Malaysia image
Our own technology

Daewoo E&C has developed the advanced construction technique, “BMC (Building Movement Control),” to guarantee safe construction.

IB Tower in Malaysia image
Providing variety in the Malaysian skyline

Daewoo E&C undertook to build three of the five tallest buildings in Malaysia. This project has created variety in the Malaysian skyline.

IB Tower in Malaysia image

Daewoo E&C uses world-class technology in the construction of high-rise buildings. We will continue to lead global construction culture in the future.

IB Tower in Malaysia image1
IB Tower in Malaysia image2
IB Tower in Malaysia image3
IB Tower in Malaysia image4
IB Tower in Malaysia image5

DEFINING HAPPINESSA to Z of High-End Apartments


Seocho PRUGIO image

We offer a high-class apartment just for you.
Prugio SUMMIT is a luxurious residential space in which customers can enjoy living at the summit of life and at jthe center of the world.

  • 1Number 1 brand
    Best Apartment Award
  • 35Sky fitness on the 35th floor
  • 75.7Skybridge at 75.7 m

Prugio SUMMIT combines the word “SUMMIT,” implying best/zenith/peak, with South Korea’s leading home brand, “Prugio.”

Signature building in Gangnam

We won the 2017 President’s Award for fine apartments. The public facilities allow residents to enjoy beautiful views.

Seocho PRUGIO image
Enjoying the best “healing” space on earth

A fitness club on the 35th floor allows residents to enjoy the city view under a blue sky while working out. Also, the Skybridge on the 26th floor has a unique exterior that creates a very special feel.

Seocho PRUGIO image
Best Landscaping

Providing a fresh, relaxed space where people can enjoy walking and resting under the shade of trees while soothed by the fragrance of flowers a heaven on earth.

Seocho PRUGIO image

Prugio SUMMIT became the best complex in town for experiencing the luxurious facilities and services realized by Daewoo E&C’s technology.
Daewoo E&C will lead the way to providing a more sophisticated housing culture that maximizes the local environment and prioritizes people’s values.

Seocho PRUGIO image1
Seocho PRUGIO image2
Seocho PRUGIO image3
Seocho PRUGIO image4
Seocho PRUGIO image5

EXPLORING NEW OPPORTUNITIESFirst Korean Privately Led New Town Project in Vietnam

Star Lake City

Star Lake City image

Opening up a new opportunity through the New Town Development at Starlake City in Vietnam.

  • 2/3The New Town Project is about two-thirds the size of Yeouido
  • 100Planning, procurement, construction, and sales are 100% accomplished by Daewoo E&C
  • 1First Korean Privately Led New Town

Through an integration of technology, finance, and planning, Daewoo E&C is opening a new chapter in the development business by integrating planning, procurement, construction, and sales.

Most luxurious and modern city representing Hanoi

Vietnam Starlake is developed as a multifunctional city of administration, commerce, and residence, and is about two-thirds the size of Yeouido.

Star Lake City image
Korean Overseas New Town equipped with community facilities

This upscale apartment complex includes amenities such as a swimming pool, football, and futsal grounds inside the garden house.
The opening of highway infrastructure enables us to successfully develop Korean-style cities abroad.

Star Lake City image

In the future, Starlake is expected to become a center of politics, industry, diplomatic activities, and residence in Vietnam. Daewoo E&C will continue to expand its scope into other New Town development projects in developing countries with great growth potential.

Star Lake City image1
Star Lake City image2
Star Lake City image3
Star Lake City image4
Star Lake City image5