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Daewoo E&C opened the Daewoo E&C Institute of Construction Technology (DICT), the first research institute in South Korea’s construction industry, in 1983. Since then, DICT has actively engaged in sector research that maximizes the company’s design, construction and development capabilities. DICT is also carrying out large-scale national, future growth and other projects, contributing to the nation’s overall construction technological prowess.


Convergence and Innovation Communication and Empathy
  • Convergence and Innovation

  • Communication and Empathy

PROVIDING VALUE AND SOLUTIONS Discovering Growth Engines Securing Competitiveness
  • Discovering Growth Engines

  • Securing Competitiveness


Daewoo E&C is catalyzing the rapid advancement of the “Digital Transformation” of the construction industry by combining key technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution with proven construction technologies. Creating a roadmap for responding to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we are focusing on discovering technologies that will adapt to new businesses through future market analysis.

Cloud, Artificial intelligence, Construction loT, Modularization, *CIM(Construction Information Modeling & Management), Big Data/AI, Video analysis, Automation
Daewoo Smart Construction (DSC) System

Daewoo E&C has created the DSC system, which integrates construction and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) into each phase of the planning, design, procurement, construction, and maintenance.

Drone Technology for Efficiency and Accuracy

Daewoo E&C began proactive research into using drones at construction sites, making us a forerunner in the use of this emerging technology. We focused on “construction surveying,” which led to the application of patents for displacement measurement methods using drones and flat land creation methods. We have also produced advanced survey results that far exceed existing survey techniques by realizing 3D modeling of construction sites.


Pre-construction, or pre-con, is a technique employed at the initial project stage to simulate overall design, cost, process, quality, and other factors with the participation of the builders and engineers in charge of the actual construction.


Daewoo E&C is realizing people’s dreams for a cleaner tomorrow. We are promoting the marriage of construction and nature through the development of technologies that maximize energy efficiency and enhance new and renewable energy.

a zero energy house, ZENER HEIM'
  • Wind Power
  • Fuel Cell
  • Solar Power, Solar Heat
  • Boiler
  • Geothermal Heat
Zero Energy House Technology

Daewoo E&C will realize the construction of a Zero Energy House, featuring 100% energy self-sufficiency by combining passive technology that minimizes a building’s energy use with active technology that supplies energy.

Prefabricated Segmental CFT Bridge System

Developed by Daewoo E&C, the Prefabricated Segmental Concrete-Filled Tube (CFT) Bridge System manufactures CFT - a typical composite material - as standard modules that are then combined to assemble superstructures and substructures utilizing the prefabricated construction method specifically suited to the unique topographical conditions of the bridge.
Furthermore, the system is eco-friendly and economical, as onsite work time is minimized, thereby limiting overall construction timelines.

Carbon Capture and Utilization

The DECO2 (Daewoo Elimination of CO2) technology, developed by Daewoo E&C, the first of its kind in South Korea, captures CO2 emitted from industrial chimneys and uses it as a construction material while safely and permanently storing CO2.
Daewoo plans to respond further to climate change by linking GHG reduction and recycling with construction materials in the future.


Daewoo E&C is taking on limitless challenges, ranging from the deepest parts of the sea to the highest of altitudes. By developing technology to overcome extreme environments, we are discovering future resources, connecting spaces, and building urban landmarks.

Large-Capacity LNG Storage Tank Design and Construction Technology

Daewoo E&C is capable of independently designing, constructing, and inspecting storage tanks to store large amounts of LNG at extremely low temperatures.

  • LNG Storage Tank Design Technology
  • Tank and Piping Corrosion Protection Technology
  • Automatic Welding and Material Selection Technique
  • Optimum Nondestructive Inspection Technology
Submarine pipeline technology
  • Subsea Pipeline Construction
  • Hose Connection
  • Underwater Hose
  • Mooring Chain
  • Anchor
  • Flexible Hose
  • Very Large Crude Oil Carrier
Submarine Pipeline

Subsea pipelines require robust designs and highly sophisticated, comprehensive engineering technologies to withstand waves, tidal currents, earthquakes, marine landslides, and other natural disasters. In 2016, Daewoo E&C independently developed South Korea’s first submarine pipeline design technology, creating a basic technology that meets global standards.