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Quality Management

Daewoo E&C hereby set up
our Quality Management policies
Build Happiness, Be with Quality

Through our stable, systematic Quality
Management system, Daewoo E&C is constantly
developing technology and nurturing our ability
to become a leading company worldwide.

  • Daewoo E&C is the first engineering and construction company to achieve ISO9001 certificate in South Korea
  • Daewoo E&C obtained certification from ASME
  • Daewoo E&C holds qualifications for designing and building nuclear power plants

Quality Policy

Daewoo E&C aims to become a leading global construction company that is trusted by customers through continuous improvement and risk management, and to be more competitive with regard to quality based on our technical excellence.

Our 3 main commitments in Quality Management
Customer Satisfaction
It is our top priority to provide the best products and services for customers
Corporate Value Maximization
We established the Optimum system and enhanced the ability of staff to create value
Continuous Process Innovation
We continuously nurture our ability to innovate and improve from our past experience
Daewoo E&C in the world

Daewoo E&C is growing with various partners and countries around the world. In order to maintain high levels of expertise, we need to not only adhere to what we believe in, but learn to accept differences.
This continuous effort to communicate will be the basis from which Daewoo E&C reaches out to the world.

Clients’ voice

Our priority in quality is to provide consistent services and products that we’ve promised to clients. It is essential that we listen to our clients since they are not only customers, but also part members of Daewoo E&C in a larger sense. Two-way communication enables us to see our shortcomings and makes sure we give satisfying answers to clients. It is our job and what we are good at: we create a working environment with which our members are satisfied and we provide products and services beyond consumers’ expectations.

Good is not good enough

To obtain our goal, we emphasize constant change and innovation. All members of Daewoo E&C share their experiences in order to find our way forward into the future. Reflecting on the past enables all employees to become experts in their field and construct the optimum process for better performance.


Members of Daewoo E&C are the key factor in our Quality Management system. We provide equal educational opportunities for members to become experts in their field. We also try to not only simply hand down our knowledge, but also raise awareness about our high quality standards.