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Sustaining growth built on
advanced technology and trust.
The construction of industrial plants is a knowledge-based, high value-added sector that combines technologies in repair and maintenance, from the procurement of machinery and equipment to engineering competence, construction, supervision and trial operations.
Daewoo E&C has been leading the construction of thermal power, cogeneration, tidal power, and nuclear power plants, LNG storage, and other facilities with our outstanding technology and passion.
In addition, Daewoo E&C is making good records in high value-added plant construction competing with global companies in overseas plant markets.
Recently, we are adjusting to changes in the energy paradigm, promoting commercialization in new renewable and clean energy sectors by R&D and investment in those sectors.
LNG, Oil & Gas
Daewoo E&C has unrivaled technical skills in oil and gas transmission and storage equipment including oil and gas refining plant.
Especially in LNG liquefaction plant sector, it is leading overseas markets with high-level competitiveness and experience, including performing LNG Train 7 Project in Nigeria as the first main contractor of EPC among Korean construction companies.

LNG plants have been in the spotlight for its sustainable growth in business following a rise in LNG demand due to worldwide GHG emission reduction efforts and increased shale gas production.
Daewoo E&C has constructed approximately 50% of LNG regasification plants and storage tanks in South Korea.
These include Tongyeong, Incheon and Pyeongtaek LNG receiving terminals.
Based on such experience and technology, we have successfully performed construction of LNG processing plants, transmission equipment and pipelines in overseas markets including Nigeria, Algeria, Russia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.
Furthermore, we will lead in developing new markets with knowhow and technical skills accumulated through various results including LNG liquefaction plant in Nigeria and Tangguh LNG Train 3 in Indonesia.

LNG Liquefaction Plant Train 7, Nigeria
Capacity: 7.8 Million Tons Per Annum
Ulsan North Port Terminal Phase 1,2,3, Korea
Vaporization equipment, 3 LNG tanks with 215,000㎘ capacity and supplementary facilities
Tangguh LNG Train 3, Indonesia
Capacity: 3.8 Million Tons Per Annum
Papua New Guinea LNG Liquefaction Plant, Papua New Guinea
Capacity: 3.15 Million Tons Per Annum × 2 trains
Central Area Field Complex(CAFC), Algeria
Capacity: 32,000 barrels/day associated oil processing and other facilities
Gbaran-Ubie Gas Processing Plant, Nigeria
Capacity: 1BMscf/day
Hout Gas Facility, Saudi Arabia
Associated gas collection, compression, dehydration and delivery from existing crude oil facilities
Arzew LNG Liquefaction Plant, Algeria
Capacity: 4.7 Million Tons Per Annum
Sakhalin LNG Liquefaction Plant, Russia
Capacity: 9.7 Million Tons Per Annum
Refinery & Petrochemical
Daewoo E&C maximizes the value of the refinery and petrochemical industry by applying our comprehensive construction capabilities across all facilities.

Daewoo E&C has a wealth of experience and technology for constructing refining facilities separating crude oil by the range of boiling point and storage facilities as well as plants producing various petrochemical products.
We have advanced our technology and knowhow with construction (SPM) of S-Oil’s No.1 and No. 2 crude oil unloading facilities and Nitric Acid (NA) and Mono Nitro Benzene (MNB) plant of Huchems in Yeosu, and successfully completed construction of S-Oil’s RUC, the largest scale as a single plant and olefin production plant.
We are currently constructing the largest scale refinery in Oman and Al-Zour refinery in Kuwait overseas, and we especially demonstrated our ability after completing Indorama fertilizer plant 2 subsequently after plant 1 in Nigeria, which is the largest scale in the world.
Based on the above, we are further strengthening trust with customers and continuously proceeding with subsequent plant projects.

Indorama Fertilizer Plant II, Nigeria
Capacity: 2,300 tons of ammonia and 4,000 tons of urea per day
Duqm Oil Refinery, Oman
The country’s largest refinery Capacity: 230,000 barrels/day
Al-Zour Oil Refinery, Kuwait
Oil refinery for low sulfur fuel production Capacity: 620,000 barrels/day
Warri Quick Fix, Nigeria
Work to urgently repair including commissioning stage in order to produce petroleum products of existing Warri refinery facilities
Ulsan S-OIL RUC,, Korea
RUC, MFC (the largest-scale single plant ordered in South Korea)
Clean Fuel Project (CFP), Kuwait
Establishment of 2 oil refining units, performance improvement Capacity: 800,000 barrels/day, Sulfur content: 10ppm
Jazan Oil Refinery, Saudi Arabia
Oil refinery, terminal Capacity: 400,000 barrels/day
Morocco Jorf Lasfar Fertilizer Plant, Morocco
Capacity: 1 million tons/year phosphate fertilizer plant, and 62MW/year waste heat recovery and power generation facility
Algeria-Oman Fertilizer Plant, Algeria
Capacity: 4,000 tons of ammonia and 7,000 tons of urea fertilizer per day
Qatar Q-Chem II, Qatar
Capacity: 350,000 tons each polyethylene and olefin production plants
Power Plants
Daewoo E&C has accumulated technology and experience in various power plant sectors including thermal power, tidal power, hydropower, and cogeneration since the successful completion of the Ulsan Thermal Power Plant in 1981.
Now, we are extending our interests into the new and renewable energy sector by applying our expertise to carry out large-scale EPC projects at home and abroad.

Daewoo E&C played a leading role in constructing domestic large-scale power plants including Paju Cogeneration Plant, Samcheok Green Power Plant, Pocheon Natural Gas Power Plant, starting with Ulsan Thermoelectric Power Plant.
Based on such experience, it has advanced to overseas markets in Nigeria, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, etc. and its technical skills are recognized across the world.
Recently, we are contributing to energy independence as it has accumulated various achievements in LNG combined cycle power plant such as Namjeju Combined Cycle Power Plant, Sinsejong Combined Cycle Power Plant and Bucheon Cogeneration Plant, as a part of conversion of energy for carbon neutrality.
Furthermore, we are also expanding its business sectors into new business sectors including wind power, fuel cells and hydrogen energy, in line with expansion of global market by new renewable energy.

Sur Power Plant, Oman
A combined-cycle power plant(CCPP) with 5 gas turbines, 5 exhaust gas waste heat recovery boilers, 3 steam turbines Daewoo E&C’s largest capacity CCPP EPC project Capacity: 2,000MW
Safi Power Plant, Morocco
A coal power plant Daewoo E&C’s first USC coal power plant EPC project Capacity: 1,386MW(two 693MW units)
Pocheon Natural Gas Power Plant, Unit 1, Pocheon, Korea
A CCPP with 2 gas turbines, 2 exhaust gas waste heat recovery boilers, 1 steam turbine Capacity: 904MW
Afam VI Power Plant, Nigeria
A CCPP with 3 gas turbines, 3 exhaust gas waste heat recovery boilers, 1 steam turbine Capacity: 650MW
Jorf Lasfar Power Plant, Units 5 and 6, Morocco
A coal power plant Capacity: 700MW (two 350MW units)
RDPP Plant, Algeria
CCPP with 3 gas turbines, 3 exhaust gas waste heat recovery boilers, 3 steam turbines Capacity: 1,200MW
Shuweihat 3 Power Plant, UAE
A CCPP with 4 gas turbines, 4 exhaust gas waste heat recovery boilers, 2 steam turbines Capacity: 1,600MW
Benghazi Power Plant, Libya
A CCPP with 2 gas turbines, 2 exhaust gas waste heat recovery boilers, 1 steam turbine Capacity: 750MW
Misurata Power Plant, Libya
A CCPP with 2 gas turbines, 2 exhaust gas waste heat recovery boilers, 1 steam turbine Capacity: 750MW
Zwitina Power Plant, Libya
A CCPP with 750MW capacity Additional Construction of 2 exhaust gas waste heat recovery boilers and 1 steam turbine to 2 existing gas turbines
Nuclear Power
Nuclear power is known to be the most economical and efficient energy source.
Daewoo E&C is gaining global recognition in this area based on its knowledge and track record in developing many different nuclear power-related projects.

Daewoo E&C has proven to be at the top of the industry in terms of nuclear power plant (NPP) construction capabilities since the Wolsong NPP Units 3 & 4 that recorded the shortest construction period in the world. We successfully built the Shin-Wolsong NPP, Units 1 & 2 by applying immersed structure and other advanced construction methods, as well as the Jordan Research and Training Reactor which marked the first NPP EPC export in South Korea.
Our business portfolio has also diversified. We are the first certified company in South Korea’s construction industry to offer NPP operation and design services (Q Grade).
We have also provided technical assistance to NPP projects in China and Taiwan.
Other projects we have carried out include low and intermediate level radioactive waste disposal facilities and water tritium removal facilities.
Daewoo E&C will lead the industry as a top-tier total provider through securing achievements in overall areas of the life cycle from design to front-end/back-end of the fuel cycle in the nuclear power sector.

Shin-Wolsong NPP, Units 1&2, Korea
2 units of 1,000MW capacity, PWR, Zero possibility of radioactive leakage by adopting PWR method Capacity: 2,000MW/hour
Low & Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility, Phase 1,2, Korea
Asia’s first subterranean cave disposal facility for radioactive waste
Wolsong NPP, Units 3&4, Korea
Included two 700MW units and two 700MW PHWR units Recorded the world’s shortest construction period, the world’s shortest period and lowest SIT/ILRT
Jordan Research & Training Reactor, Jordan
5MWt research and training reactor EPC South Korea’s first export of nuclear power system on turnkey basis
Hanbit NPP, Units 3&4, Korea
Included two 1,000MW units, a PWR, Replaced steam generators
Wolsong NPP Tritium Removal Facility, Korea
WTRF construction and trial operation, reducing tritium generation by 65% annually
Proton Accelerator Research Center, Korea
Included 100MeV proton accelerator and the largest linear accelerator facility in South Korea
Qinshan NPP, China
Included two 700MW units South Korea’s first nuclear technology export
Lungmen NPP, Taiwan
Two 1,350MW ABWR units Offered technical advice and acquired ASME certificate in the civil engineering and construction sector
Wolseong Modular Air-Cooled Storage, Korea
7 dry canister modules (168,000 bundles of spent fuel from heavy-water reactor),construction work to add storage for spent fuel (high-level waste) of Wolseong Nuclear Power Plant