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Environmental Management

Daewoo E&C acquired an ISO14001:2015 environmental management system certificate

More than any other company, we have constructed an organization that involves all employees in environmental management within the construction industry to seek ways to solve environmental issues in advance. In this way, we express our concern for environmental problems.
Also, we are an eco-friendly company whose business activities do not become obstacles in the environment. We officially acquired an ISO 14001 certificate from the BSI (British Standards Institution).

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Through our continuous activities in Environmental Management, we diversify our eco-friendly energy businesses. In recognition of our efforts, we were awarded the grand prize in the eco-friendly business awards and obtained green building certification.

Green Building Certification
Green Building Certification list
Recipient Time Institution
Sheraton Incheon Hotel 2011.03 U.S. Green Building Council
Green Building Certification
Green Building Certification
Project Initial project approval Green Building Rating Energy efficiency rating
Suwon Mangpo A-1 2021 good 1+
Gyeongsan Jungsan Distric C4-1 BL general 1+
Gumi Ger District1 urban development general 1+
Singil-dong Residential&Commercial Complexes general 2
Yangju Station Area A1 BL general 1+
Hannam Combined development very good(receiving) 1+(receiving)
Gasan-dong 60-9 Knowledge Industry Center very good 1++
Yonggye Station PRUGIO Artverus Complex1 general 1+
Yonggye Station PRUGIO Artverus Complex2 general 1+
Pocheon Taebong Park good 1+
Gimhae Gusan-dong general 1+
Ulsan, Sinjeong-dong Residential&Commercial Complexes very good 1
Sanggye2 Redevelopment excellent 1
Eumseong Sungbon B3 BL general 1+
Dalseo PRUGIO signature general 1+
Jije Station PRUGIO Eliats good 1+
Gwangyang-eup,Yonggang-ri apartment general 1+
Wirye Section Office very good 1++
Suncheon, Deokam-dong apartment general 1+
Shingil District 10 excellent 1+
Dangjin Songak Distric general 1+
Seomyeon PRUGIO City good -
Unjeong New Town PRUGIO Parsena general 1
Sewoon PRUGIO the Botanic excellent 1+
Green Building Award
Green Building Award list
Details Time Institution
Grand prize at the Korea Green Building Awards 2011.12.24 Ministry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs
2011 Korea Green Business Award 2011.06.28 Ministry of Knowledge Economy
Grand Prize at the Second National Green Technology Awards 2010.12.06 Ministry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs
2009 President’s Award for National Environmental Management 2009.06.30 Ministry of the Environment
List of Awards
List of Awards
Recipient Time Award Institution
Sewoon PRUGIO Hericity Site2022.07Commendation (reducing scattering dust by operating eco-friendly construction sites)Seoul Special City
Chuncheon Central Tower PRUGIO Site2020.12Commendation (contribution to environmental protection)Chuncheon City
Unjeong New Town Park PRUGIO Site2019.11Honorable mention(Construction Environment Management Competition)Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Gwangyang Industrial Water Supply Site2019.04Commendation (contribution to the expansion of environmental infrastructure)Ministry of the Environment
Civil Engineering and Environment Business Team2017.12Commendation (contribution to Export for Shared Growth in Environmental Industry)Ministry of the Environment
Godeok GRACIUM Site2017.12Commendation (contribution to environmental improvement)Gangdong-gu Office
Architectural Research Team2015.11Honorable mention (Construction Environment Management Competition)Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Domestic HSE Team2015.11Honorable mention (Construction Environment Management Competition)The Chairman of Congress
Busan Ring Highway Section8 Site2015.12Commendation (contribution to environmental conservation)Ministry of the Environment
East Hongcheonn-Yangyang Highway Section6 Site2015.01Commendation (contribution to environmental conservation)Ministry of the Environment
Civil Business Division2015.06Commendation (contribution to national social development through environmental conservation activities)President
Domestic HSE Team2014.12Commendation (contribution to environmental conservation)Ministry of the Environment
Songdo OK Center Site2014.11Honorable mention (Construction Environment Management Competition)National Assembly Environment and Labor Committee
Institute of Construction Technology2014.11Honorable mention (Construction Environment Management Competition)Ministry of the Environment