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Safety Management

Daewoo E&C's
Unique Safety Culture, CLEAR

If we care not only about our own safety, but other people’s safety as well, how safe a project is that?
This is the goal that CLEAR, our company’s safety culture, is pursuing. CLEAR was designed with the characteristics found in IIF (Incident & Injury-Free, JMJ Associates) that were applied on our trial project, which was the first of its kind in Korea. From the trial project, we have accumulated knowledge and gained successful experience, that we are now applying to CLEAR.

Commitment to safety
Communication in two-ways
Elimination of each others
Appreciation of each others
Building strong relationship
Leading construction safety culture in South Korea

Daewoo E&C is planning to gradually expand CLEAR into domestic and overseas sites by nurturing the CCP(CLEAR Consultant Program) and by constructing a safety culture in our partnerships. In this way, we create an unprecedented safety culture and lead innovative safety culture in the construction industry in Korea.

A safety culture that protects each other

CLEAR increases individual awareness of safety through training, education, and communication based on a relationship for changing behaviors. This program enables employees to look after each other and sends our valuable employees home to their loving families.


it express relationship between comprising elements
of CLEAR by using the shape of infinity symbol(∞).
It means our persistent commitment and
efforts to safety.

CLEAR Emblem

CLEAR was surrounded by 5 key elements.
It means CLEAR can be settled and achieved with
these elements.