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Precision Management

Holding a 2022 Compliance Community
Holding a 2022 Compliance Council and Workshop for Compliance Leaders & Managers
New appointment for a Chief Compliance Officer & Law-abiding Officer
Report to the board of Directors about Compliance system’s status and reinforcement plan
New CEO’s Declaration of Compliance (Zero tolerance principal for corruption)
Compliance Pledge of all Employees (including foreign employees)
- Obtaining Anti-bribery Management System (ISO 37001) Certification in Singapore
Internal Audit of Anti-bribery management system in Singapore Site & Branch Office
Post audit for Anti-bribery management system (ISO 37001) certification
Internal Audit of Anti-bribery management system in Team/Site
Opening an English internal reporting channel for foreign employees
Revision of Fair Trade Self-compliance Handbook and Compliance Guideline of each section
Revision of Code of Conduct (including Code of On-Site Corruption, Fair Trade, etc.)
Translation of Compliance regulations in English(Code of Conduct, Anti-bribery procedure, etc.)
Monitor Organizational Compliance Health, Safety and change of consciousness
Enterprise-wide compliance online training (adding English subtitles)
Site compliance case-oriented training
Produced and distributed Compliance leaflet for suppliers
Published monthly compliance training materials (12 areas including bid rigging)
Quarterly distribution of compliance violations (12 areas including subcontracting)
2021 Compliance Community
2021 Compliance Council Implementation
Obtained Anti-bribery Management System (ISO37001) Renewal Certificate
Internal Audit of Team/Site Anti-bribery management system
Compliance Health Check
Enterprise-wide compliance online training
Site compliance training
Enhancement of self-compliance activities (monthly compliance training materials published)
2020 Compliance Committee held
2020 Compliance Council held
Computerized management of Anti-Bribery Management System
Conducting preventive inspection of compliance by unit organizations centered on consulting
Post audit for anti-corruption management system (ISO 37001) certification
Support for the establishment of an initial on-site compliance system (visit training)
Produced/distributed online education content compliance webtoon
Establishment of performance compensation system compliance evaluation items
Enhancing voluntary compliance activities (distribution of compliance talk data)
2019 Compliance Committee held
2019 Compliance Council held
Company-wide expansion of anti-corruption management system
Compliance system upgraded (reflecting ISO37001)
Anti-Bribery Management System post-certification audit
Sexual harassment prevention training in the workplace (subsidiary business management group)
Sexual harassment/harassment prevention training in the workplace (female field employees)
On-site manager compliance training
Operated 2018 Sustainability Committee Hosted a workshop for Compliance Leaders
Obtained Anti-bribery Management Systems (ISO 37001), first in the field
Distributed handbooks for compliance regulations to educate staff members
Developed the enhanced IR Webpage with respect to governance structure
Rated A for sustainability by the Korea Corporate Governance Service
Rated A for sustainability by Sustinvest
Operated 2017 Sustainability Committee
Developed and began using a system for compliance
Published the Sustainability Report (April)
Offered a Q&A on anti-bribery policies and reported policy trends
Reflected on compliance criteria when evaluating partners
Implemented weekly CP training for employees
Received a rating of “excellent” on a sustainability evaluation(Korea Corporate Governance Service A rank, Sustinvest BB rank)
Appointed the divisional Compliance Leaders
All employees sworn the Statements of Compliance Commitment
Held our third Compliance Committee meeting
Autonomously adopted CP by subsidiary companies
Widened the CP inspection by department in 2016 (33 teams/sites)
Published monthly compliance newsletter, “Compliance Together”
Implemented monthly online compliance training
Provided instruction to Compliance Leaders
Established overseas compliance guidelines
Announced the introduction/implementation of CP
All employees sworn the Statements of Compliance Commitment
Re-opened/operated the Baronet for CP
Appointed the divisional Compliance Leaders
Held the first Sustainability Committee meeting
Held the first Compliance Committee meeting
Ran a test operation of
Invited an outside lecturer to give a lecture on codes of ethics
Established/distributed Compliance Guidelines by different parties
Started the 2015 CP inspection by unit(22 teams/sites in total)
Held the second Compliance Committee meeting
Conducted the online compliance education
Held the second Sustainability Committee meeting
Autonomously evaluated/awarded CP activities by department
CEO asked for the compliance program to be implemented
Conducted online compliance training
Changed the name to the Compliance Team (formerly, the Ethical Management Team)
Produced a CP handbook and CP manual focusing on 6 major areas
Daewoo New-way oath
Conducted the Ethics Management Inspection by operation
Ethical Organizational Culture Campaign:Implemented a culture of celebrating events
Joined UN Global Compact
Ethical Organizational Culture Campaign:Provided a helpline contact on a business card
Ethical Organizational Culture Campaign:Implemented a 119 healthy drinking culture
Surveyed morals and ethics
Published the Ethical Management Guidebook, “My Ethical Journey.”
Published the Sustainability Report
Implemented the internal reporting system
Implemented the online Ethical Management training
Established regulations on bribery
Announced the mutual cooperation and fair-trade agreement with subcontractors
Surveyed morals and ethics for Daewoo E&C employees
Implemented training to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace
Introduced a campaign for prohibiting bribery and holiday gifts
Debuted the Ethical Management webpage
Established a Code of Ethics
Held the opening ceremony for the Ethical Management Committee and the Ethical Management Team
Implemented a foundation for the Fair Trade Compliance Program